Dyna of market and Toyota of the used truck

In the first place the Toyota Dyna has high quality, and the all over the world value is recognized because high-level quality is maintained every year in the world carried out by a rare "car inspection system". The truck purchase relief center lets the market of the truck spread literally to the world every corner by utilizing the Internet.
The car model of popularity changes at all by timings in a country, a season even if I say the overseas export of used cars to a mouthful.
However, after all there is a basic car model, and, as for Corolla or the high ace, it is a popular car model regardless of countries.
I am accompanied by prices more than Japan for ten years even if more than omission 1,000km.
Ironically, it shows the high of popularity these car models that there are many stolen vehicles of these car models.
And 4WD such as the land cruisers which are tough  symbol is popular, and a mission is more popular than an automatic car because repair is easy even if it breaks down.
I attract the truck except the car, and elf canter Dyna Toyo aces are popular.
Light trucks to 2 tons of cars sell well.
I attract the pickup trucks such as cony or DATSUN TRUCK.