It is a Japanese used car with the demand in Kenya

The used car which passed from registration more than eight years in the first year forbids the import of left-hand drives more in Kenya. As for there being many cars which are relatively clean in Kenya, these "eight years rule" is a big reason. An age type is newer than foreign countries, and the Japanese used car has many things with a little mileage, too. Because the maintenance situation of the car is good, it is more advantageous than the used car of other countries. The reliability of the quality side for the Japanese car is high, too.
Much small and medium size, small businesses take the used car export from Japan. I know a lot about used car export, and turf President Yoichiro of the ice Lee design (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) running a used car sale site in Kenya tells, "it is difficult for small and medium size, a small business less than annual sales 5 billion yen to grasp a hardly correct number when the Japanese used car exporter removes some major companies, but there are around 1,000". I explain the reason saying "this is because it is hard to do it in the big company that there are few profits per one and takes effort by a duty procedure or the sending by land in the export destination". There are many small things in the used car store in Kenya. In addition, I bring a car into the open space, and personal Ka'ba Saar to buy and sell is common.
As for the used car demand of Japan, the system is not maintained to lengthen. I received such situation, and Toyota Tsusho Corp. of Toyota group started the sale of the used car by oneself in Kenya.